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starry bazaar under bizarre stars

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Information for Guests

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1Information for Guests Empty Information for Guests Sat Oct 22, 2022 12:43 pm




If you know us personally and have no better way to get ahold of us, make a post on this board and we can get you in ASAP.

No soliciting, advertising, spam, or offensive content is allowed in this board.


Q: what is this?
A: this is a forum for a group of friends (and friends of friends). we don't currently have plans to open the forum up to the wider public.

Q: why can't i see all the topics?
A: this forum is invite-only - i.e., you have to know someone to get in. we manually activate accounts so randos and weirdos don't peek in.

Q: why did you make this forum?
A: forums have fallen by the wayside in recent years. so our founder, pegasnow, made this to fill the niche that has as-of-recent been empty since the incline of social media and instant messenging systems.

Q: couldnt this just be a discord server lol

A: no ^_^ hope that helps

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